Damon Zumwalt

Chairman and CEO

Damon Zumwalt, the pioneer of peer group security and crowd control, first organized CSC in 1967 as a much-needed solution for entertainment security. After receiving his degree from UCLA, where he was well known for both his athletic and leadership skills, Damon expanded CSC into a full service corporation.

Damon’s innovative systems and CSC’s success across the United States have made him a respected authority in the crowd management field. Over the past forty-eight years, Damon has directed the growth of the company from its modest beginnings into a global firm with eighty thousand employees and over fifty branch offices.

The growth of CSC’s led to the creation of complementary event companies, namely, APEX for executive protection, ProtaTECH for event workforce technology and ultimately Contemporary International for highly-skilled, event management professionals who apply their expertise and experience to bring success to major event projects all over the world.