Salt Lake 2002 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games


Salt Lake Organizing Committee for the 2002 Olympic and Paralympic Games (SLOC)


Event Services and Security

  • 35


  • 3


  • 7,000

    staff and volunteers

In Salt Lake City, Contemporary International was responsible for the full delivery of the consolidated Event Services and Event Security programs for all SLOC events (including Test Events, Olympic & Paralympic Games) and related locations such as accommodation sites, warehouses and training venues. With a project team of 110 staff drawn from the local area and led by local and international experts, in Salt Lake CI continued adding to its suite of planning tools and systems especially tailored to Olympic environments.

In addition to the delivery of Event Services, CI provided the comprehensive planning and delivery of the pedestrian security screening, 24 hour site security, electronic & physical security, talent & executive protection, SLOC corporate security and sponsor security coordination.

The Salt Lake 2002 Olympic Games was the first major international event following the incidents of September 11, 2001. Collaborating with the United States Secret Service, CI was responsible for helping secure the Salt Lake Games by developing new standards for event security screening and establishing best practices in the new era of heightened security.

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