Athens 2004 Olympic
and Paralympic Games


Athens Organising Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games (ATHOC)


Spectator Services

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As a specialist in Olympic Games services, Contemporary International was proud to be appointed by ATHOC to provide the Spectator Services program in Greece, birthplace of the ancient and modern Olympic Games. Involving end-to-end planning, management, development and delivery for all Sport Events and the Olympic & Paralympic Games, CI’s mandate was comprehensive.

Instrumental to the Athens project was the multi-level mentoring program led by 30 international CI experts. This program was developed to train 170 locally hired Greek project staff on the international event methods required for their games-time roles. Through supervisor coaching, peer-led learning, and periodic testing and evaluation, our mentoring and development program was hailed by our Greek staff and ATHOC as one of Contemporary International’s lasting legacies to the Athenians and Greece.

In addition to full outsource of Spectator Services, Contemporary International senior management personnel provided planning and operational support to ATHOC Senior Executives and other Functional Areas including Security, Ceremonies, Transportation and Venue Design.

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